Nominations for Featured 2!



its on featured btw…


I’m certain that tenaciousPastry did not see the other jeep jump, and was only inspired by Hexagonal for the thumbnail. I’ve done some research and I think I figured something out about hexagonal and pastry. I’ll let you all figure it out yourself, it should be a fun exercise in searching forum posts.

@HexagonalCoder :wink:


I am completely certain that pastry had no idea about the older one. And it is obviously not copied, better, and a different concept. The only similarity is a very small part of the design.

It’s possible the thumbnails were inspired by each other.

I’m not finding anything, are you sure this isn’t some random way to waste time?


Look at HexagonalCoder’s bio.


I was referring to peppywafer’s conspiracy theory thing


I know it is possible that tenaciousPastry is not aware of the other jeep jump. But how likely is it that they have the same title?


Hey @hopscotch-curators, a wip of our game hoverboard rush got featured! What is happening?


Whoops, sorry I didn’t realize it was a WIP, would you like us to unfeature it and feature a finished version when you are done?


Although there’s two versions of it on featured, and one was unpublished…


This is -Madi-, that was my fault, SmileyAlyssa featured it last week and I hadn’t realized


Self nomination. Slide! 7.1 by PillowFace Productions
it was fun to code and to play!


Hey, it’s @PillowFace
Wot is up? You have joined the forum!


No the finished version was already featured!


I think that of you add maybe a cool background to go with it, the presentation would look really good.


Thanks! I was always stumped for how to make it look better. Will do! I’ll be sure to give u credit! :smiley:


Glad that I could help!!! :slight_smile:


Hi @PillowFace, it’s Your Friendly Neighborhood Coder @PandaS here. I don’t know if that project was Featured already, but I will give you some constructive feed back if you don’t mind.

Add a more colorful homepage & screenshot. Like @BabyButterfly, I agree you need a more flavorful background. That, and maybe spice up the text a bit. Make it 3D, or instead add some other elements. Design is an important factor. Also consider this is your intro, and other pages. To make it a Featured-worthy project, consider making a more fashionable settings, How to Play, & Update page. You’d be amazed what a little work & design power can do to a modest project. :upside_down_face:


I like it though there’s one inappropriate gesture I can do…but I love the endless arm lol

Edit: saw this was 19 days old


Oh, my bad! Would you like me to take it down?


I say rising only due to the fact that you can glitch by tapping on transition

  • Nah, needs a lot more work
  • Rising, could use a little work
  • Featured, it’s amazing!

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I was about to mention my new game, but that was fast to say the least