Nominations for Featured 2!



Wowthat is ReAlllY cool i 3rd this


I fourth this
Cool concept


I fifth this, it’s awesome!




…and sixth!


I’m surprised to see you nominate a rather simple project, but thank you


I fourth this!
is it just me or does it seem a lot like this game??


@hopscotch-curators @pomtl , my team made this for a contest, but we decided that if it was great enough, we would nominate it, and we’ll be grateful if it got to be featured!


I second this!


i third this even though im on Coding Commanders Lol


Well a lot of people don’t know about blending rgb colors and it does have some complex code so I thought it would make a good nomination.


This is actually similar to a game in game changers

Jeep Jump


@hopscotch-curators, is it considered copying if a project has the same concept and the same title? Both have a title “Jeep Jump”. Both involves jumping over cactuses.


Hm yeah…
Like they copied both that project and this one…


In my opinion, we should consider originality in featuring a project. Being original proves that you are capable of thinking of new concepts. Being original requires brainstorming. The concept of your project is just as important as the code. You may have worked hard on your code, but it is not much if you just copied a concept. And it may not look good to people if you just copied something. People are impressed by new ideas and not copied ones.


I agree, and copied projects shouldn’t be featured. Including mashups of previous features.


Really depends on the project. If one project has a cool idea but is filled with bugs, but another person improves efficiency, debugs it and adds gameplay, then the remix should be featured (assuming it has credit to original creator).


Good game! It definitely deserves to be on Featured in my opinion, if it isn´t there already.


Guys isnt it suspisious that the guy who made jeep jump in his favourites he only like the hexagon game


I don’t have time to check if this game is on Featured or not, or to confirm if the concept is original. But that aside, it is a truly spectacular game that definitely deserves to be on Featured!