Nominations for Featured 2!



I fifth/fourth this nomination


You fourth because Tankt’s cat(s) don’t have HS accounts. (@tankt2016 Get your Cats a HS account)


(Lol Rubbie should have one too)


You can do this trick:


@Rubbie (TheDeliciousOrange’s pet) seconds.

About the project: How do you get a game over? I get that you try to collect things, but it seems like a clicker game without upgrades… (no offense intended) or maybe I’m misunderstanding something (in which case could you help me understand it a little better)?


Wrong. Rubbie is MY pet


That’s better.


Nominate this by @tankt2016

Super fun game all around. Tho there are two things that u could add/change, tankt. Still a 9.8/10 and I do think it’s already featureworthy so ur all good and don’t really have to if u don’t want to
(1) It’d be better if you took away points or something (or atleast didn’t give them the points) if they forfeited. Maybe add in that one line of code? (2) BG could load faster and could have a couple more things for aesthetic but that’s not tooo important so it doesn’t really affect anything but just a suggestion.


That is a good game and it is feature worthy. But I suggest some concepts.

  1. The game will end if the fish misses a certain amount of coins.
  2. There are falling objects that the fish has to avoid. If it hits the fish for a certain number of times, the game will end.

I suggest that you add a game over event.


In addition to that, I think the score should be directly seen in the game and not in the menu. In that way, you can keep track of your score easily.


The game doesn’t end, I programmed it so the fish has a certain number of coins, and when you press the menu the coins don’t go yet, that it for te advice!


I see your point. Maybe I am just not used to games that do not have game overs( except tapper games)


Wait, you get points if you forfeit?
darn I didn’t see that bug lol


Yeah lol you do

Lol fix it and I think you’ll DEF get featured cuz it’s really amazing


Ok fixed,

I have to figure out how to do fast backgrounds though lol.


Lol. @Petrichor has some pretty good ones and you could even use the new built in BG one with a couple changes


Look at my acc and find the FTU Fast BG u can use that, its simple



I 2nd this nominee lol


I’d like to nominate @Awesome_E’s

It’s cool use for blending RGB’s


I second! It’s really cool!