Nominations for Featured 2!



Is it because of f k?

Thanks to Johnny for Fredrick thingy


yes it is because of that rule


Idk. Lol


If you can tag @Fredrick, you can say feedback!




I know it’s stupid, but I guess they wanted to stop every way of abusing the system to say the f word (I don’t even want to actually say that).


you made me think about it


@FearlessPhoenix why you mess with da meme lord?
You invite me to le topic. I has been here
You has been messing with me for days…
You have been spotted


Hey guys, use a reminder… don’t get off topic! :upside_down_face:


Yee. Sorry about that :slight_smile:


Someone make a fork game


I nominate this project for featured!


I second
Why not

It’s really not good tho


I second!

I just thought how it would be a bit weird that “(made in free time)” is in the title if it becomes featured. I thought featured projects are supposed to have effort and time put into them.


I’ll republish it lol


good. Re-nominate and tell the @hopscotch-curators that that is the nomination



Go Fish By CoderOfMagic


I second!


wait oof that must’ve lost a lot of plays and likes tho


I third and my cat fourths!