Nominations for Featured 2!



I noticed that if I skip to the Bowser level, Bowser spawn kills me.


Hmmmm that’s funny. I’ll take a look, but it doesn’t happen to me or my brother… Thanks for the info


I just thought someone playing it wouldn’t have enough time to get the controls ready to dodge fire right in front of them.


Yah I guess, but it makes it challenging. It shouldn’t be easy, but I appreciate he advice, maybe if I make another I’ll change that.


Well in video games, you don’t want it to be artificially hard, like having an invisible question block hit you and have you fall into a hole that makes you die and start all over. You want it to be hard in a way that a player is able to avoid it. Maybe have Bowser’s fireballs go a bit faster, or have hime able to throw 2 at once. But just having a fireball appear right in front of you to try and avoid is just testing your reaction time, not how well you play.
I know this is hard to explain but those are just my opinions about it.


Yea I see how you think. I’ll look into it, but part of it is hopscotches engine, that’s one of the reasons. But I’ll try.




Thanks for the advice though!


In a few days or a week, should I repost this project for nominations?


You should create a topic (Click “Ask A Question” on the main page) as a “General Topic” to talk about these game updates instead of doing it here


Ok good idea sorry !


I nominate this project by PerfectPanda24

Stick Jump v1


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I nominate for featured:


It’s a good, simple game, but I feel as if it gets boring kind of fast. Maybe the creator could add more features such as a timer. Though, the option for choosing other balls, like soccer, baseball, etc. was a good feature! Overall, good start!

Sometimes, simple games are better than complex ones.


True. That’s good suggestions (apparently f e e d b a c k isn’t allowed). I just liked the BG and the ball options.


Yeah, f e e d b a c k should be allowed.
Because it has an f to start and a k to end


It’s not allowed because it starts with an “f” and ends with a “k”


That’s a s t u p I d rule


I wonder if they can whitelist the word feedback