Nominations for Featured 2!



Third this!
Supper addictive lol


Whooow thanks guys for the feature!!!


Ehhhh don’t want to be selfish, but they are sopposed to be together, maybe someday Mario could get there too?..
Whatever who cares thanks!


Maybe Mario will get there in the future!

I think the Hopscotch Curators just don’t want to feature two projects by the same user at the same time.


Why not @tankt2016


Yea I agree, but I would be great


That game is extremely well-made! It’s on Featured now, and in my opinion, it totally deserves that! :slight_smile:


Try combining them in to one project :smile:
Then that might even be worthy of game changers


Good Idea! Might try that someday in the futur, that would be amazing! It would be pretty easy, too. Just need to copy everything and use a variable so when you beat the Mario level the bowser fight starts.


Actually imma start that now. I’ll tell you guys when it’s done! (Lol game changers is all that’s in my mind haha)


Woah it’s coming along stay tuned it’s awesome so far. After you beat the Mario level, the bowser fight loads!


Ok now that sounds epic!!


Like seriously the Mario Bros game is epicoolio!!

And so is Bowser fight!

But dANGIT I think someone reported Bowser Fight because I don’t see it on your profile. I mean it is on featured but even if the project is removed it stays on featured…


Great! :D
That looks like it is heading in a great direction


Just need a few days or so oh man it’s so sick might be done this weekend even


My Mario game is done! It’s better than expected, and buffed up both original games in the process!
It’s awesome, check it out with this link! I wish you could vote your own projects lol


***-To get to the bowser fight, press the skip button or beat the game!


I second both of those!


Dang it there was a glitch that I fixed, here’s the new link lol


Sorry for the inconvenience