Nominations for Featured 2!



Maybe add houses for all the people in the update?


Yeah… why did you put me way in the corner, and with no house!


Here. I don’t think I made it any better though lol :joy:


OMG thank you all for the support! (Yes @BabyButterfly I’ll add you a store!) and @UTheDevHS I’m not sure to do with the link? It doesn’t work. And tankt2016, YES, I will add houses and things to every hopscotcher possible. (Until I run out of objects. (But I haven’t gone over 500 yet so I’m good)) Thank you all sooo much for the support! It makes me feel awesome! :blush:


Thanks btw, the balls much smoother!


What about me! Can I have a house and can you move me closer to the middle of the town?!



yes I know it is a joke


You are very welcome, it is an awesome game. Thx for adding me into it!


If it’s okay, could I be in it?
I find it a great game!


Yes to all of you, I’ll totally do that!


I nominate this awesome project by CoderOfMagic!


I second this project


__Aww man I didn’t get to nominate it ;~; ah well
I third it


May I have a sportswear store?

CoM’s Gt of random stuff and memes | I think it’s pretty great. -Hopscotcher | CoM is awesome and an excellent coder! -MewtwoCreator 🐎(CoM is awesome!- GweTV) CoM Rules!-HH | CoM is coolio -Fea

I think my brother SportyGeographer (Gamecodingcrazy123 on the forum) would like a baseball stadium!


Ya I can Do those too!


I’m gonna be a CoM lol and fourth it

I feel like I made a great game but I don’t want to sound greedy or boastful
The nomination is the the reply I replied to lol, if you want to check it out…


I fifth it!
Because 1) CoM put a lot work in to it
2) it’s a great game


I sixth this, cause it is AMAZING!!! Great job @CoderOfMagic!!!


i seventh it @CoderOfMagic is an amazing coder
better than me lol