Nominations for Featured 2!



Second that!


I third this!


Hello People! I’d like to nominate my project. I put a lot of time into making it.


I second this project!


I thought this was already nominated…but either way I Third it!


I forth (ahem @thedeliciousorange :p) it!


I nominated it on pandastudios nominations, but that was for something else, not featured tho


Also thanks for the seconds, thirds, fourths…


I fifth, but the ball physics aren’t the best. Do you mind if I could make it better?


not at all! I’d love for you to do that!


Wooo Hooo! I finished v1.0.0 of Hopscotcher Town! You can Play it here. can I feature my own project again? I put a load (more than my soccer project!) of work into it. Hope you enjoy!


Omigosh this is awesome!
I second it!


Thanks! Do you like your fountain?


Cool game!


Thanks! Lotta time went into this one!


I third (or whatever we’re at now) this. Go to the top left corner until you find me (Stylishpoopemoji33)


Btw, could you test this thing out for me?


That is so cool

pif you don’t mind me asking, can I have a butterfly store in an update?

I fourth or third


Yep! It’s awesome!!


Nope I wasn’t tagged