Nominations for Featured 2!



I nominate

Desk trail, Emoji & Shape Art By Lexy_the_artist✏️

Beach Minigames (Mostly Finished) By The Meme Master


I second both of these!


I third both of these.


No you didn’t hurt me, I just wanted to explain the purpose behind it :slight_smile:


yee :mountain_snow:


Here is a new version of my printer project.

do you like that I used the term “project” instead of “game”? Also, if you don’t like it make sure that you leave feed back for me, as that would be very helpful.


I second this!
Also, feedback I guess, a few times, the text wouldn’t appear,


I third this!!!


i 4th this some cc would be to make it so u are able to print more without haveing to restart the project


So like a restart button that automatically makes it go back to the beginning?


That would be cool…


Okay, a revised version thanks to @swca’s cc and @tankt2016’s cc


The text would not appear of you did not press the number corresponding to text in the paper. If you didn’t press it, then the page would just be blank when you pressed print.


Oh lol.
Guess I didn’t hit it.

Maybe make the number bigger when selected?


The other one was the wrong version, which had a bug in it. Here is the new one


It’s good… one problem. If you tap the numbers more than once, they keep getting bigger. Maybe try a “check once if size is less than _” or try a “check once if self already grown = 0”


Or use values and set sizes instead of when tappeds and grow bys


Or that. Now I am using twenty characters.


I nominate:


ha your post number was the year now