Nominations for Featured 2!



Lol I said nothing about it not getting featured I said it’s not a game.


im confused af lmao,
edit: who cares if its not a game, whyd u delete the post, (what post)


I deleted the nomination, since everyone wants to at me for it


Well, you could have offered me some type of help with it, instead of bringing me down


The post where I nominated a game (i’m sorry, it is a sim) I made


whats wrong wit that?


Apparently I got in trouble for calling it a game, that’s why I decided to just revoke it. I was getting backlash (maybe a bit dramatic there) but that’s why.

If I’m being honest, it was fine. I just did it like that people were saying things like “it’s not a game”. Okay, I call it something it isn’t, but that’s just what I thought of it as. Sorry everyone for disappointing when I should have called it something else.


Hey let’s all just calm down, k?


Why even bother anymore


guys this isnt on topic but i have a secret

im cool

noone must know


@Madi_Hopscotch_ @SmileyAlyssa @hopscotch-curators I saw this amazing project and its by THTs assistant you can find them if you search them up on hopscotch I like their truth or dare code but I think the valentines one is better I would really like to see one of those games on featured


hey i didnt know u still hsed


Could you include a link? I’m quite confused what project you mean.


Hey everyone! It’s okay to not agree with all nominations, everyone has the right to their own opinion, whether it be positive or negative. However, let’s try to encourage fellow Hopscotchers! If you disagree with a nomination, try kindly offering constructive criticism to help make the project more feature worthy. And try to have an open mind if someone gives feed back! :smiley:

Keep in mind that even if one person doesn’t agree on a nomination or 10 people agree on a nomination, ultimately we decide what goes on featured.

Thanks for all the nominations, we really appreciate them! :+1:


CL4D, I’m glad you still exist


sounds good


It’s not about spreading awareness (that would be a d⁣u⁣m⁣b nomination), it’s kinda like XAMANION’s Crab Rave, where his has the music and wave, but mine has trail art and music, I thought it would be of similar code level

:sob: RIP no feature


And so did I! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you… you’re a great coder!



I don’t want to sound mean but this project I don’t feel is YET up to the Featured standards. I found it laggy and there are a few bugs I experienced. I feel it could be improved on and could get featured in the future as I think it has potential.

Here is the Game