Nominations for Featured 2!



May I nominate one of my new projects?

Please? Thanks in advance


I second this great tapping game for featured!


Thanks CoderOfMagic
I just like making tapping games because they are easy, I forgot we can nominate games until now oof


@hopscotch-curators do you feature art pads? If so I nominated a art Pad I improved I do like coding art pads


I don’t really think so.


It depends.

An artpad could be something like that. If it’s really well done, maybe. It all honestly just depends.

Edit: finally found this, @Aariv, @MewtwoCreator


Ok let me neaten up my FTU Art Pad and add some stuff
Maybe add it to my personal art pad but it’s super cluttered and well, i just wanna make a nice art pad like all the great hopscotchers such as MagmaPOP’s invisipad


I also nominate this:


I fifth that
It looks very well done


Comic Creator got featured, I haven’t checked the other ones

Drawing Pad X

My New Game! Any suggestions to edit or improve it?

I just checked the tab:)
Thanks for the advice on my my game, it would of never made it there without your ideas:)


Yes sometimes we do


Thanks for the info!


I self-nominate the version 2 of my game Turkey Tapper

And nominate the following (also please take my art pad as a self nomination)

(I think they deserve it, it would make their day)

(It looks well made)

(Or at least make it a starter project, but they make good projects)

(Nice thumbnail and very neat prginazation)

I hope you take these into account and for the others, I hope you agree with me.


I second the video player template made by @William04GamerA


I nominate this for featured. I saw it, and it was very good! Plus, I think it would make their day too


I second that nomination


I seventh it! That game is addicting…


Thank you so much for the nomination @MewtwoCreator and @FearlessPhoenix. I’m not too sure if the project is feature worthy, but I thank you for nominating it, at least!


I third this nomination! It’s sooooooo good!