Nominations for Featured 2!



Nominations for Featured 2! (A continuation of Nominations for Featured)

Nominate all those awesome projects you see for featured right here! You can nominate projects for rising here, too!

Currently, @hopscotch-curators feature projects Monday through Saturday. You can find more information about that here: Hopscotch Curators and feel free to ask us any questions here: Hopscotch Curators Q&A!

Here’s a criteria of what we typically look for when choosing projects for featured:
This is our take on self nominating:
The first Nominations for Featured topic!

Thanks to all of you for your help, we appreciate it! Your nominations will be considered when we are determining what to feature. :smiley:

Nominations for Featured (unofficial)
ScotchTape's GT II 😑 (Officially the blandest General Topic)
Nominations for Featured! (backup)
Okay I’m just doing self advertising
Hopscotch Curators
Nominations for Rising 2!
The State of the Forum (Feb 2018)
My nomination for featured!
Wait what am I doing?!?sorry really confused...
Must Read for New Users!
Coded oc!
Can you nominate things for featured on the forum?
How do I recommend a project for featured
How do I know if my game has chances of getting featured?



This is the official one


i know it was a joke




hi 6th


i found this trail art by William04GamerA and it’s p cool :00


I second this nomination!


I’m 9th!!!




I third this nomination…


You should tag the @OMTL @hopscotch-curators


@OMT​L Come here


Or you could do that…


This is great :ok_hand:


This makes the other two topics made for this completely useless…




I bet BlastFusion is going to feel bad


I nominate:

First three nominations! I’d DO more but the community is all diffficult to find stuff


We can use them as backups, like if this topic was closed temporarily!