Nominating more Hopscotchers for featured


No I made the original balloon draw and I made my own balloon draw 2.0 with different colors!


OMG! So sorry. Will go delete it. Sorry


That is ok!
You didn't need to delete the post!


I nominate this project by OceanSongBird


I nominate this project by PyX_15! It's pretty cool, they haven't got any featured and they wish they could.

@Liza @asha


Nominate this by Kvj:

I haven't been on so I don't know what was featured in the last month.


looks through my projects
Never gonna get featured.
looks at others
Let's start nominating!


Wow thanks!!

I actually made that pretty randomly and decided it was cool lol.
I think a fair few people agreed lol


This person has got any featured although can you still feature projects if they were made 23 weeks ago

EDIT: it's all up to date they republished!


I know the Super Bowl is over, but, I just made another update to my game:

It has better graphics.


How did a timer get on featured? It's just a timer. There are a lot of cooler timers than that one.


I have never gotten a feature just 1 trending.

If I make a good project will u guys nominate me?




I nominate this:


I just made a project and I saw this in newest:


I nominate this by @TheDrawer:


This new feature

Is a copy. There are a lot of the same exact projects.


it seems that it has bugs, and is just pong with more controls




WhaT whY WoulD yOu nomInaTe tHiS