Nominating more Hopscotchers for featured


I nominate...myself. Nah, just kiddin. I nominate this project by Picachu.Picachu's unfinished draft of the Periodic Table

I thought it was really cool. It is. Right?


I agree you made the project before them.


Hey I didn't copy yours I used yours as a base. I just wanted to see if I could code it myself so in the future I could make better projects. My friends did help me but I did most of it.

Hi guys I nominate
Hi guys I nominate

They featured this. I told them it was a copy on featured. It's not nice for people to copy people. Especially people who work hard, like you. I think THT should unfeature it.


But, your projects are exactly the same! Well except yours has a mr. Mustache on the top corner. You didn't use @Mathgirl's code as a base, you used it as all of your code!


So I have just found a bug. I clicked on my profile here an diet doesn't say how many posts I have in the topic when the post I'm replying to is clearly one.


:neutral_face: hey @Liza what's the go with the Mister moustache feature being @Mathgirl had all ready made it and it was the exact same code as mathgirl's


So, what's on featured? I haven't had access to hopscotch for like one week.


Yeah, I said that. It is not good. And the person who made it won't even admit that he totally copied it.


Made by PercyJackson9


Don't be rude


Oh, like that's a big deal reacting to it!
Don't react to this one


Well, fine. Be a!


Why don't you guys bring back rising? That was a great idea


That's a little rude.

And I'm the one overreacting?

I was just saying...


Thanks, Mathgirl! We didn't realize and have removed the copy and replaced it with yours.


Hi @Liza!
I have a suggestion for THT abut featured.
There are hopscotchers that don't get featured. So I was wondering if there could be another category called "Featured Jr." (Or something like that) And have a group of hopscotchers that can sign up to search HS to put projects in that category. But you can't put projects of your own.

I was just wondering if that's possible. It's not a serious thing though.



You can put projects of your own, but limited. You can take projects off and add others on. You can search and vote who wants to be on featured! The menu will be mixed up, so that the popular one won't get seen too many times. It will be randomized.


I'm a very, very small hop, but none of my projects deserve featured.


This is so cool!