Nominating more Hopscotchers for featured


Another nomination:

This hopscotcher is very good at shape art!


how bout this thingy here!


@Liza (or whoever featured the Mr. Mustache project), the Mr. Mustache project you featured is a copy of my project. The one you featured was made 11 weeks ago, but mine was made 36 weeks ago.

Thanks for thinking the trail art's good enough for featured, though! :D


ANOTHER nomination:

This is a fun game!


I was just reading that post you said more up toward the top of the topic

I think they should at least be told a warning or something (but in a nice way)


Omg I remember that!


@KVJ remember what?


That project! Turns out, I'm not patient at all lol.


One thing I can say that I'm not patient at all so

fail 4 meh



You played it @KVJ? Do you know I look for guidance on coding from you?


@ValueGamesStudio LOL!!!!!!! I have not passed either!


@ValueGamesStudio @KVJ I had no idea that you liked my game!



Ja. I think I once tried changing the code to make it faster :joy: I was young then...

Um... wow. I didn't know that, but I'm glad to know now!
Hope I actually have provide some kind of guidance :stuck_out_tongue:


Everyone likes a game that shows how much they need to work on there social life!


Well you do now :stuck_out_tongue:


Shall we get back on topic?


Actually I tried to change the code to make it faster​:sweat_smile:
I still remember that


@KVJ Yeah! Sorry, I forgot what this whole topic was about :scream:


They are.


I nominate this!