Nominating more Hopscotchers for featured


Anything on SneakyDragon​:fire:'s profile. Ya I'm a Savage.


You should be SneakySavage instead of sneakydragon, lol


Hi, @Liza I just wondering how often are you doing challenges or have they stopped?

Yes!! Search is back,thank you so much


I nominate this project by Eliza​:+1:. Before I liked it, it only had one like.


I second that!
They make great projects


I nominate...


I think they copied the code from me, I made a trail art exactly like that 36 weeks ago.

(this isn't a nomination)


Oh... Woah...
I didn't know that, sorry


I second this!


I have not had a featured for years...


Also, there is this one kid named @Periwinkle_Dolphin this person wants a featured


Can you link ur featured?


@DECODECO are you talking to me?


Yes, I was the post right below you without the arrow to ur profile pic on the top right corner.


Yay! It just got on featured! That was super fast!


@DECODECO Sorry... sometimes I do not understand that type of thing


@DECODECO my last featured was: are you patient?


You could just link your project, like this—


Hehe. I can relate. For more info (aka rants) about me being bored and not getting anything good go to me general topic (Fearless's General Topic

I sorta have a bunch of random projects but my good ones are in drafts and r unfinished


Very true!
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