Nominating more Hopscotchers for featured


I nominate this project by MauveCupcake


I self nominate my project, AllyBand! :guitar:


I second it! It’s really cool!


Thank you so much :blush:! That’s really appreciated


The project that took forever: 1 like
The project that took a few minutes: featured


@Liza @hopscotch-curators @SmileyAlyssa @Madi_Hopscotch_ I already nominated this project on Nominations for Featured. But I think this is a better place to post it. Any way here is my Terrain Generator 4.0 it took me about 2 days to figure out a good code for it.


This nominations for featured topic is for projects that are a little bit wacky and wild, and wouldn’t exactly think you would see on featured, but when you open them, they are still amazing


I think that this project deserves to be on featured. It shows a good message.


I totally understand. I once published a project that took about a month to create and it only got one or two likes.


I second that nomination!


I can tell she worked really hard on this.


I third that nomination!


Is this the new nominations for featured??


Apparently so drop de doodle do


Yes, the other one reached the limit.



Like seriously, people need to start using this topic. Can we get a revival?


chants various incantations to revive topic


I nominate this game that is currently on rising tab.


And I have only had one featured game,
This is the updated version