Nominating more Hopscotchers for featured


Sorry but I've never gotten featured so I'm going to self-nominate.


I second this! What an amazing game!


Thanks, I get a lot of ideas from the featured section. The TiltTool on featured inspired me to do a tilt game.


It is such a simple game it is fun!


What do you think of this


I'm going to renominate my project​:smile: Again, I've never gotten featured so it would be a big deal for me.


I feel the exact same way, but just be patient
It took a week for @Valgo's project to get on


Yeah. One was Featured I think like 30+ weeks after it was published lol


I've never been featured. On nominations for featured original I nominated this


I nominate The Jedi Knight's "Runny Nose" project.


Bump bump?



3D Drawpad v1.4 by Ericthegreat1602 (reminds me of a past feature, though..)
This is actually really well made!!


This is super late, but that's really cool. I second it!


I nominate



I second that! Cool idea!


I nominate my newest game "Catch the Snowflakes"! This game needed a lot of work to make it.
The loading screen smoothly goes out from the screen. Sorry, I can't express it better XD
The background, espicially the hills, is complicated.
The snowball's moving is very smooth, plus its face is animated.
I mean that I was working on it a lot and really hope you'll like it as my "Make a Bold Text" or "Snowball Run"... Thanks :slight_smile:


I self nominate


I nominate this:


Wow! Thank you so much! It means a lot to me!
Sorry, I didn´t saw this earlier because I did not get a notification.


Try this one.