Nominating more Hopscotchers for featured


Hey all!

We've gotten some feedback that we could make Featured even more diverse — have more varied projects from a larger group of Hospcotchers.

You guys have done an awesome job of nominating projects for Featured but we need your help looking for projects from lesser known Hopscotchers. By this, we mean Hopscotchers that haven't been featured within the last month.

Can you help us? Post projects that will help us make Featured more interesting and more diverse :slight_smile:




First Woohoo!!!!

And this

This guy is AMAZING


I'll look!

I'm really grateful for the features that I have gotten, and would love to help other small hops get featured too!


So, basically, is this the Nominations for Featured' topic, but for lesser known people?


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Wow I'm early!


I have no features


ive never been featured before... and my only feature worthy project of mine is not out yet either


Happy birthday!
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Cookies are tasty and so is


I'll go find some amazing feature-worthy people!
(Im trying to get featured but it doesn't really matter X3 )


I have a nomination

It's a really cool project!


Yay! Thank you @Liza!

(I'm glad I could help)


I have a project I think would be feature worthy... but it hasn't been released yet. Plus I've been featured twice before. I'll see if I can find anything.


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Maybe people should stop saying first and stuff like that on this topic...


Sorry. But this topic will blow up, and I am first.


What does that mean? Does it matter?


It does not. I added my friends thing




Being first doesn't really matter.
Now let's get back on topic