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Regarding people saying it’s cheating n all with the new pixel arts, we’ve had a discussion about it internally with Ana, to decide everything, y’all, could we refrain from arguing about it if possible? The decision is up to flame and I, and mainly THT! We’re all here to help encourage others, not make them feel bad because of their projects :wink:

Thank you!




howdy cowboy!

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Wow this is a big problem
I didn’t intend to make something this controversial, just tried to make a nice system, like a lot of my projects:(
Anyways yea (Lgbot)


Yeah I know right.

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Heya Hops!

There’s been a lot of controversy lately over some projects created using non-Hopscotch shortcuts. Some of these projects have been curated, which is why Silv and I are addressing this. We’ve talked to Ana internally and the three of us have come to a few decisions. This will be a long post, so please bear with me; but it’s necessary in order for yall to understand how and why we came to our decision.

So these shortcuts people have been using are shortcuts that have been coded in other languages outside of Hopscotch (languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, c++, etc). Essentially what these shortcuts do is enable you to enter a picture, pixelate it, and then output a string and some code you can enter into Hopscotch. Some might even let you do less work than this.

While these shortcuts are super impressive, and can take a lot of time and effort to code, they do all of the work for the user. Because of this, the user isn’t actively coding the pixel art. A 250 by 500 pixel art (125,000 pixels) with 100+ colors that would normally take at least 60-70 hours to complete, can be done in less than 5 minutes using a shortcut. You can do the same for an even larger and more complex picture, and render it almost perfectly. Doing this manually could take years, but you can do it in almost no time using an existing shortcut.

These shortcuts do take time and effort to code, but there’s a difference as they don’t take nearly as much as manually coding a pixel art do, and they’re not being coded in Hopscotch. Once you’ve coded a shortcut or have access to a shortcut coded by someone else, you’ve just gotta add the images and do whatever else is necessary to use the shortcut, and you’ve got a huge, complex pixel art at your fingertips. You don’t need to constantly be putting in hours of effort for every pixel art. You just need a few hours to create the shortcut, and it’s a one-and-done thing with manual coding.
It’s the same deal with all other shortcut projects, whether they be anything from games to music.

Now, there is nothing wrong with using shortcuts. These shortcuts aren’t cheating and people shouldn’t be called out for using them. It’s perfectly fine to create and use these shortcuts if one wants to. Arguing over this or calling out another Hop for using a shortcut isn’t nice and defeats the purpose of what we’re trying to do here.

However, because of the large time/effort imbalance present between the manually coded and shortcutted projects, we’ve decided to add a few new “rules” and modify our criteria for curating projects.
The purpose of the curated channels is to showcase some amazing Hopscotch projects. While shortcutted projects are valid Hopscotch projects, they haven’t been entirely created in Hopscotch, using Hopscotch. Instead, they were created using an outside source - the shortcut. The channels, particularly Rising and Excellent, are also to encourage more Hops to keep coding and growing their skills in Hopscotch. We feel that showcasing some of these shortcutted projects can disrespect the time and effort it takes creators to manually code a large project (pixel art or otherwise). It also takes away from the value of being on a channel a bit, as shortcutted projects don’t necessarily require “Hopscotch skills” to create. This brings us to our rules/changes list:

  1. All future shortcutted projects will only make it to rising, if they do so at all. However, we do acknowledge the time, skills, and effort creators put in to their shortcuts. Because of this, one shortcutted pixel art by each original shortcut creator (@Awesome_E and @The_Electogenius) will be allowed to remain on excellent.

  2. All shortcutted projects need a public disclaimer somewhere in them that they were created using a shortcut. If the project is being nominated, that also needs to clearly be stated. This is not intended as a way to call anyone out – using a shortcut is perfectly fine. However, the disclaimer will help both us and the community when deciding which projects to curated. It will also help us follow rule/change 1 so we can all respect everyone else’s time and effort.

  3. Our judging criteria will be modified to reflect these changes. Currently, we use a 60-point scale with a variety of different criteria. Our scale included both complexity and effort, but we feel that that isn’t enough to accurately reflect the time and effort a creator put into the project, especially with this shortcut controversy. Going forward, we will be switching to a 100 point system. This will be comprised of our current system, as well as an additional 40 point section solely for judging based off of how the project was coded. In an effort to be as transparent with this as possible, we’ll be amending our long curation guide and releasing it in the coming weeks.

That should cover everything for now, but more changes may come as things change, and we’ll keep you updated on that.

I hope everyone can understand where we’re coming from and why these changes are being made.
As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please tag us and ask. We’re always happy to help.

~ Fearless and Silvie, your resident curators

@omtl, @fearlessfriends, @silvie_listie


But I named my method cheaaaaating anyways lol


@anon56607322 should too tho. they did it together

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I just spent time reading this while in school and I think I learned more than my teacher could’ve taught me in that time lol


I feel so bad for him now


I didn’t do it with him
I just told him how
So he used it, but he’s not the original creator:)


So can you share it now? No need if you dont wanna



@anon56607322 sorry m8


Yep, and that why only you and E will be getting excellent and star creator. You’re the original creators, so you’ve put time and effort into actually making the shortcut. A different hop that just uses the shortcut isn’t actually coding anything for the project, as the shortcut generates the pixel art but the user didn’t create the shortcut so they didn’t actually code any part of it.


Ok, I understand that

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Sounds fair


The problem is that I didn’t make a program that converts pictures to text that my system converts to pixel art


Awesome E did


It doesn’t mean you have to feel bad for anyone — it’s just a matter of not necessarily getting the same recognition as other people on excellent, yknow?
Using the shortcut isn’t bad at all, and it’s perfectly fine to keep using it. It just means that you won’t get curated on a level higher than rising (except E and EG with one of their shortcutted pixel arts; for creating the shortcut)


But I didn’t
I used a website that converts pictures into a long text that looks like a picture
Then my system converts that into colors