Nominate someone that inspires you when they make a company, or orginization logo.


@TheLogoMaster! :D :D


@TheLogoMaster and @Unknown2016 and other logo masters I didn't think of


i already did that, check out my profile, its Simply Unknown


weird how the logo master could get more like on his logos


I nominate GenisesCode, who I'm pretty sure doesn't have a forum account but OMG HIS LOGOS ARE SO GOOD!!!!


I nominate jessica d11. She is SOOO good at logos! She also goes to my school! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I nominate @Stick88! He likes Stickmen!


Thanks! @Dude73 @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf I have more great logos coming soon. In fact, I think I'll post one right now!


I nominate @TheLogoMaster and @UptownStudios! :D


You guys are all forgetting @UptownStudios!
Edit: lol besides Rawrbear


Yep as I was reading I was gonna do @UptownStudios
Great logos.


you guys also forget me ._.


You have awesome logos also!


i can tell the difference between a meaningful comment and a non-meaningful comment.