Noise balls ver. 3 is out!



Yay! I worked on this for awhile, to bring you better and cool modes!

If you don't know what noise balls is, basically, they are noise sensitive and bounce to noise. There are also some different modes!

Help me by answering these questions

What modes should I add?
What features should I add?
What would make this feature worthy?






It's really neat, and the idea is very creative. I found a glitch, though. If you try to switch between modes, it works fine unless you go from random to anything else. Then it is like a mix of them both. I'm on the computer now, so I can't check the code, but maybe you have a repeat forever block that's being called when it's not supposed to be?

You could add a mode where the colors are set by the x or y position continuously.

But really nice job!


Thanks so much for the help! I will check the glitch out, but I'm not sure what's causing it. Any chance you could check the code later for me? I'm not sure...



Thank you SOOOOO much! I saw your remix on hopscotch! Thanks, you will get lots of credit!