Nodundo Draw Pad Development


so much cleaner over OVERBRUSH


Now in a test release, any feedback?


Im on the final steps guys! IT WORKS!!! Full undo support, and smoother, with (interestingly weighted) bezier curves!

All thats left is to work out the kinks. @OMTL @POMTL


I dont actually know how to fix these kinks, but besides that, everything else is functional!
If you get a line that travels to a corner, just hit undo and try again. Actually thats the biggest thing that needs a fix.


Add HSB color selection


Its done guys! I’ll update it every now and then… but here it is.

@William04GamerA - you wanted to be tagged when it was complete, here ya go


Everything is far more stable, and probably wont break unexpectedly anymore.


Wow. This is one of the coolest draw pads I have ever seen on Hopscotch. I really like all the features like color saving and especially the “Undo” button that works perfectly. Amazing job, this could be something for the @hopscotch-curators to look at, it is definitely Featured-worthy!


no not just yet, i need to add more stuff first!


Okay, but it is already amazing :smile:


Hi @Steelhooves

I really like the clean look of the menus.

If I can offer some constructive criticism, the lag (which causes it not to draw smoothly and not keep up with your finger) & redraw line flashing can be improved. Have a look at the timing diagram here: Topic: drawing pad with undo to see how my Undo Pad works. The key is to minimize the number of frames needed for the drawing and redraw tasks.

Also this topic has some good explanations of the Player timing which one needs to fully understand to troubleshoot bugs like the lines flashing on redraw.

If you have questions, let me know.


I think I’m not giving enough points for the bezier curve to work with. There is some way to make it draw the entire line in a single curve, and i might try that. Though it’s gonna save me a ton in clones, I just can’t figure out how to get enough variables in to, well, store any extremely long lines. The line flashing and long draw times still might be a problem, however…

Actually, I could get multiple clones to draw an entire line all at once, to improve the redraw time, but still, getting the variables to store somewhere is a bit of a problem I have.

Both your projects were used as inspiration, so I have to say, thanks.


Well, really, @ThinBuffalo, I suppose something like this might work.

Upon drawing the line, all math is done on the spot and then stored unless overwritten. The line gets drawn, with overlap with other nodes of the line cut off, and that’s the drawing over.

I can’t have all lines drawn all at once due to the nodes, which each has to draw at least 5 mini-lines, but during a redraw after an undo, the variables created from the first write, could be called into five seperate clones to draw each node faster. This should only take a little less than 10(?) ms to copy the variables and draw, if I’m correct, which I wish there were some way to make this faster and not ruin the drawing.

This goes for each node, for each line, and it should all be good.

I’m glad you liked the menu, removing the ‘buttons’ really did make it look better.


set the project size to 2048x1536 and adjusted everything accordingly.


Hi @Steelhooves, I’m curious why you’re trying to implement Bézier curves? Or rather, what are you objectives? Smoothing function, record more lines before running out of clones, etc?


@ThinBuffalo I’m using bezier curves as a smoothing function. I’m using rational bezier curves to better match the line, instead of normal bezier curves. And yes, I’m also trying to stretch out the clones for more lines out of the 40961 by adding more captured points per node. That’s actually a combination of needing points for the curve to work out, and get more available clones, at the same time.
1) Actually 4000 clones available to the pen, since clones are used by other things too.


ah, its been a bit. another development update!

More whitespace if needed! Also Redo, but it only half works. Smoothing was improved a bit too,


This is dope! Great design and awesome functionality! I don’t know why I didn’t see this topic earlier…


Thanks! i hope to get this stuff done soon, I’ll try to keep this updated.



Redo is finally fixed, time to get working on a speedier undo/redo