Nodundo Draw Pad Development


Hello! This is the dev topic of a draw pad I’m working on. This draw pad has a few core features, mainly the undo feature that will be able to undo an entire line at once (pen down to pen up). Along with that is an RGB to HSB and HSB to RGB converter for use between the two color formats. This is here to help me decide the best courses of action for the draw pad.

tl;dr, I’m working on a new draw pad with advanced undo and cross RGB/HSB support.



I was thinking of having a save/load pallete above Color. How useful would this be?

  • Useful
  • Don’t care
  • Not useful

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If so, how many slots should I make?

  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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This looks like a very promising start. Can’t wait to continue receiving updates!


Thanks! I have the HSB and RGB converters finished already, and the ui is almost done at this point. None of the buttons work yet, but I’m using something different to handle that. I’d show you the loading screen, but im gonna wait for a full release.


Alright! Sounds good to me. Really excited to see how this turns out.


This looks super good already, could you please tag me when your project is done? :slight_smile:


What is your hopscotch username?


Yes What si your hopscotch username


Sounds awesome!

Save colours would be nice. As another feature, you could have the toolbar being able to be dragged outwards, allowing for a more spaced toolbar.


I look forward to seeing the finished product – it looks epic!


Im trying to make this as least resourseful as possible, so moving stuff wont help. As for everyone else, my hs username is Axinoe.


It doesn’t pop up did you have a username before you changed it to Axinoe if so tell me please


Also can you send a beta I would love to see all your progress


Steelhooves your back! Anyways this art pad sounds awesome, will it have some features from Overbrush?


Well, RGB/HSB support is gonna stay, but everything else will change.


gonna have to halt development, school is getting real and i dont have time for anything else


Aw okay – I hope to see the complete pad at some point, but for now, enjoy real life! :wink:


I’m back, and a few changes have been made (mostly cosmetic)


hmm, i think this looks better actually


Update: Hsb/Rgb switching is fully functional as of now :smiley:
also, its not glitchy like on previous tests
also… unnecessary loading screens