Nobody wants to be my friend


Pleese tell me if you want to be my friend
Cause so far nobody wants to be my friend

Every hopscotcher is has at least 1 friend

Un related to topic

why are so many hopscotchers leaving
I just wanted to know


I will be your friend @CheckyWecky. :smiley:


I'm @everyone's fren! If you really believe you have no friends, share what makes you think that, maybe we can make you feel better! :smile::+1:🏽


Maybe I can be your friend! What kind of stuff do you liek? :D


Aww, don't feel like that! <3
I'll be friends with you!


I'd happily be your friend!



Why everyone is leaving and how to solve it in two paragraphs!


Wut?! :000


Nobody wants to be my friend
I'm cringey


Aww! Of course I'll be your friend! hugs,


Mark Thomas is cringier
And once he gave out his phone number in a livestream so yeah


And how are you cringy my friend


You aren't cringey! You are my fren!


Ok, let me say beforehand that it's not true. Here are some reasons why!

  • this forum is a family. Like a real one, it has it's ups and downs but it always sticks together. That is us, We always stick up for each other, and we're all friends!
  • I don't see a reason why no one would want to be your friend, you're awesome!
  • Everyone here is so kind, thoughtful, and have awesome personalities. Just embrace that!



I don't know you that well :confused:


So just like that we aren't frens? :sweat_smile:

We don't have to best friends to be friends! I'm happy to support and chat with anyone on the forum and that's what friends do, right?


But I don't know you enough
I haven't seen you a lot


Will you be my fren ? I have quite a few , but they dint always help me !


I am your fren fren!:wink:


Yay fren ! Do you want to join my COLLAB account ??