Nobody Seeing Featured?


I was thinking about the decreased amount of likes on Featured. I thunk this may be because nobody sees Featured anymore. Think about it. Every time you open up the Hopscotch app, you are taken straight to your drafts. Maybe people are forgetting to look because they jump right into coding. Maybe this is the reason featured has gone down hill. The projects I see are still better then I could do so I think that featured is still okay. I just don't think anyone is paying attention because they never see it. Maybe change it back to how it was. When you opened the app the first thing you saw was Featured.



Yeah, this is a good idea. To make it a little bit cooler and more personal, we could have an option in HS where we choose which tab that will be opened when we open the app? Then, it would be much easier to see cool projects or go directly to the function that you want.


Yes, I agree.


Have you updated? Since the last update, you should be taken to wherever you last were in the app, which could be the community.


I got the updated version and it still takes me to drafts.
I'm anyways on a phone.


Yes, but I didn't think anybody would go to Featured to sign off when you could just sign off from your drafts.


Seriously? Cool I never knew that :smiley:


I think that is part of the reason they have less likes, also it is updated more regularly.
I think tht wants us to keep creating and focus on the code rather than the community aspect. Maybe it would be better to gather inspiration from other peoples projects before coding would be better?


That is a great idea‚Äč:+1: