Nobody nominates my projects 😭😳😩


Why doesn't nobody nominate my projects


You know you can self nominate your self.


Hey it doesn't matter who gets nominated or not I didn't but I don't care!!


I do but I never get it I work really really hard


It matters to me it tells me if I am working good


Well, what's your HS name?


Show me your best project
I will nominate it


CutePuppy{on}:dog::art:™ and I have a new one PixelArtCreators


Cool do u have a link or a project that u will like to be nominated by??
Sry I have been nominated just found out!!


Just search those accounts and see something that is good and should be on featured


Most of your projects are remixes. Think of something, like a game, stick to it. Keep working on it for a long amount of time, not something you can do in 20 minutes. (P.S. Do you mean ThePixelArtCreators? I couldn't find anything)


Okay I will look for it


lol I'm never nominated xD.


No look at something below here I have a picture of project I love


Please don't take this the wrong way k pls no hate

It is good, but not feature worthy


Have you ever gotten on featured


@PrincessBunny1 I have twice in my first two months on hopscotch and that project is very well I'd say keep working on it and it will get to featured but getting on featured takes a lot of work and that project is very good but it's not done from what I can tell and annoy finished project won't make it there so take it from me keep working on it and it will be amazing.


@LegendOfFriday what do you think it needs then


Don't worry, I don't get nominated...
Well I did 1nce, but it didn't get featured


I dont know maybe add music to it then center and grow the text and just wondering but do the snowflakes move? If not they should and as they fall they need to rotate. That's what I'd do anyways it would be a pretty cool thing