Nobody Can See My Profile?



Guys nobody can see my profile. Everyone keeps complaining about that. So, if you need anything from me or to me on Hopscotch just two, me here.


I can see you?


Um... I think I know why they're complaining.


her account is friendship studios. what she means is that no one can see her projects. She branched a riddle and it was in my activity tab, but not in her feed or remixes of my projects. @Liza @Ian @admins


so many invisible projects! what is this?????


Im fine


Some of her projects are gone. :wink:


No, all my projects that people can see like @Ihasfluffycupcakes are form about a month ago and I made new ones yesterday! @AwesomeWolf18 those are OLD! @Liza @admins please help I'm tired of this!


Sorry,thpigh isn't liza an admin?


Yep Liza is an admin.


So Y didn't you just do @admins, since Liza is an admin?