No way out of this profile


So I was looking at projects. If simsar is looking at this haiiiiiiii. And when I try to get out of the profile it shows no trace and has no buttons for me to go. I just wanted to point out that I'm pretty that this is a bug. I know all of you are saying ohh, just exit out and go back in. But I just wanted to show this to you guys.


Hmmm.... This is very weird.
Are you scrolled up at the very top of the screen? Because that is where the back button is.

And if you are sure that is not there, you can exit by double pressing the back button, and this screen will come up,

And you can swipe up hopscotch to close the app. Then tap the home screen, and go on hopscotch.


Yes, @Hoppertoscotch but it just had nothing. I know that exiting out of it would work but I just wanted to show an aware bug.