No Talking About Deaths on Hopscotch!



Before flagging this, I want to tell you something. People keep telling the Hopsctch community that their mom died or something. We agree, it's sad, but we don't need to know! Think about you're relatives. Would they want you to spread the news that you're relative died? Please vote if you agree with me or not. And please no hate replies.

  • YES
  • NO



I agree they shouldn't talk about deaths in hopscotch, it's not code, it's not related, it puts people in a sad mood,, usually family doesn't want it spread, giving an announcement saying you need a break to spend time with family through a difficult time like that is ok but not explaining the WHOLE situation, saying I won't be on because a family member passed I think is Ok.


It's okay to tell friends (if HS is the only way they can talk) but don't use it for attention


If they're friends, why don't they tell each other in person?


If one friend is in England and another is in the US... Then how?


How could they be friends though?


Depends on the situation I think!


Ok. I'd change the title because it sounds like people are dying on hopscotch.... That my friend. Is not good. Can you make it more clear?


I agree. In one of my posts, I've explained that some people just say that for attention. It's sad if it is real, but it's not good to tell strangers that your loved one died. But next time please change the title of your post to make it clearer.


I changed the title of the topic to make it more clear :wink:. I can change it back for you if you would like, @EnchantedAnimalLover.


I guess it's OK. I mean, a formal announcement is OK, if it's explaining why you may not be on. But about 10000 projects about it isn't necessary.


I think talking about death is ok, but it would have to be on topic, for instance if somebody asked you why you're not on the forum as much, you could say your pet died, that would be ok, except you would have to GBOT afterward. Also, I think it's acceptable if you don't get into details, it it would make hopscotchers sad or/and scared. Last but not least, if what your sharing is scary, don't share it. remember there are 5 year olds on hopscotch!


Are you saying me and my friend aren't friends?


That phrasing is somewhat harsh. Remember, people need to be supported when going through tough times, and you don't really seem to care. I'm sure you do, but maybe you want to change your wording a tiny bit :wink:!


Yes agreed let's not talk about this though becuase it reminds me of peach and yeah! It's okay becuase mostly people without the forum post this kinda stuff but the more mature people don't talk about deat.h on the forum!


heres a like @Huggingfluffybear :heart: I have run out XD


I actually disagree with this, as long as it's not used for attention.

The person could want to tell you that:

  • S/he can't be on because of it
  • S/he can't code as well because of it

And she would also want to share it because s/he could feel really bad and feel the urge to share this. S/he doesn't have the right to get hated on because of it! :neutral_face:


I agree @Rawrbear! As long as it's not scary or not for attention, then you should be aloud to say it!


No, I am not. Please don't take everything I say offensive.


212 day bump. How did I find this topic? Oh right! I was looking at the gotten of the page, anyways I agree, you shouldn't talk about it on HF.