No sound? Really odd bug, never happened before SOLVED IT WAS MUTED



Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: hopscotch: Riya Rocks​:microphone::art:

What kind of device are you using?: I think it’s a iPad 2, I am sorry I am not sure.

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened): I was opening my draft which was about a nursery rhyme and I had done all the music already, when I played it though there was no sound.

Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Just play the project
  2. Listen

I expected this to happen: I expected to hear my music

But instead this happened: no sound came out.

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

Extra: I added another sound which was not a musical note to check but, I still didn’t hear anything. I thought that maybe this is just because my IPad is very old but then I Checked YouTube and the voice was very clear. Also my volume was full


Also why I am not getting more forum tags? I tried writing sound but no tag showed up. There seem to be only about five tags I can use. Anyone else facing this problem?

  1. Is your iPad muted?
  2. There’s a restriction on tags on this category.


No actually


If you slide up and the bell icon is red, then that’s your problem. YouTube works because it plays even with mute on. If that isn’t it, then I’m not sure.


One!! I just checked! Turns out it was muted!! Thanks a lot!!