No Rewards Coding Competition (Run by HopscotchRemixer)



Ye. Agreed.


Because it has to do with projects


True. I think @A_Metalhead means that making you own tag list will only tag a select group of people. Just saying from his/her perspective.


Yeah exactly what I mean.

Like, only tag the people that signed up for this challenge – you already tagged OMTL/pomtl once in the main post. Ask who wants to join and then make a tag list with those people in it – don’t keep repeatedly taggging people that may not wanna be tagged for this because not everyone in the pomtl is doing this.
And getting tagged like every other post for this is just kinda tiresome. (No offense intended for anyone)

(I’m a he, btw, @GweTV)


Good point :ok_hand:
ok. I didn’t know


Thank you humbly bows

It’s okay. It was just an FYI thing. I don’t mind tho


Can I nominate another project? @HopscotchRemixer?


You can only submit one project, which is what you made only


Sorry, I forgot about this. I make daily projects, but I haven’t made one specifically for this challenge.


Ok I am actively judging right now


To those wondering why I didn’t post the results today p, the web player stopped working.


Are you going to post them today?


Still not working :frowning: might have to cancel it


Did somebody delete their comment with their project? I thought there was 3…

Also good news, I got the web player to work.


This month’s winner is…

I really liked the idea of this project, where you throw the snowflake to move from platform to platform. I haven’t seen this done by anyone else yet, so to me this is quite unique! The pillars hitboxes are a bit bugged out and sometimes the snowflake doesn’t hit register with the top of the pillar, and sometimes the character doesn’t appear to be on the pillar.

Thanks for participating!



YAY!, now what’s the theme for February? @HopscotchRemixer


Somebody has to sign up to do it, that’s what I said at the beginning of all this


What is the next round?


Someone has to sign up to do it


I will. Just tell me what to do :slightly_smiling_face: