No Rewards Coding Competition (Run by HopscotchRemixer)



No Rewards Coding Competition January 2019-

Welcome to the No Rewards Coding Competition! This is a monthly coding competition, which as you might have guessed, has No-Rewards! I am the only judge of this competition (if other people want to run it all by themselves in other months that’s fine). This is meant to be a low profile, easy and chill enviroment for everyone. Feel free to chat on this topic if you want :slight_smile: .Every month has a new theme. This months theme is:



  • Only coded projects allowed, no Art!

  • Project must be developed on Hopscotch

  • Project must relate to this month’s theme

Due Date:

January 29th


January 31st

To enter, just publish your project and submit your project to this topic!

Thanks to everyone who participates!



I might do this but it takes me forever to code so


same, i dont even really code anymore


This seems really cool.


I coded this a few days ago, but I think that it’s still suitable.


Dang Mathgirl liked so it must be good


I might do it, depending on my activity.


Oh no… i cant leave you’r group!!!


Is there any more requirements? I’d like to participate @HopscotchRemixer!


I might do this. Should I post the link here when done


Odd but good idea. I might do one or a few challenges.


No not really, and it’s meant to be that way


@HopscotchRemixer do I nominate the projects or something?


No you just submit your own project on this topic



This is my project


You only have a week left to turn in your projects!


I don’t have one for this month, sorry


Why was I tagged here??

(In the post I’m replying to)


Projects are due tomorrow


Why don’t you just tag a tag list instead of OMTL/pomtl everytime?
It gets kinda annoying, especially if you don’t wanna be tagged for this.