No record button? 😰



Why do I not have a recording button in hopscotch?



Older iPads don't have it. Please search :wink:
(or you dun have new iOS)


What kind of iPad do you use? It doesn't appear on The older ones, as I was informed.


I did search... Is their a topic like this already I might of not seen it:grin:


It's fine if you don't see it- searching can be confusing! You have to update to a certain iOS update :wink:


Oh so the very new iOS update that I keep on saying update ,after is actually going to get the record button?


This is slightly off topic, but I do have the record button, and when I try to record my voice and the screen, the end product is a bunch of white noise with the screen recording.


The record button is on iPad Air and up and this is so hopsptch related!


I don't think it's off topic because we are talking about the record button is hopscotch!


Ok thanks but what if I get the new iOS update will that make it better ?


What iPad do you have?


I am not sure... Sorry maybe 3


Yeah you need a iPad Air or greater AND you half to have the latest software update!


Ok I will get the new software updat tonight's!


But you need a iPad Air.


OH that I don't have...


Yeah Mabey they can add it to older iPads later on who knows!


Yep I will most likely email them about this on wednesday


Your IPad has to be newer or else the record button doesn't work. However you can still get other screen recorders. :slightly_smiling:


Do you know of any!??