No Record Button?



Every Time I Go Into A Project, It Always Starts Out Like This:

And I'm Like, Why Is There No Record Button?


Did you update your Hopscotch? Is your iPad on the latest iOS?


It's because you don't have the allowed iPads! Examples: Air, Air 2, Mini, 3 and 4, and etcetera. Just no 1 or 2 though! :frowning:


Aw! My school iPad is old, so I guess I will have to live without the record button. Maybe the Hopscotch Team could make it so that you can record on older devices?


Hopefully! 202020202


Unfortunately that can't happen. The Hopscotch Team can't do that. The record button uses an iOS 9.1 feature called ReplayKit or something like that. Older iPads can't handle it so it's not available for those models. It's out of Hopscotch's control : (


I'm pretty sure @CreativeCoder is right, unfortunately, older devices can't have the record button :pensive: The reason they can't let older devices have the record button is because they are old and laggy and their software may not be able to handle it, so Apple decides that the new stuff should be put on new devices.


Uh On. :confused: The Apple Company Should Fix This Now. And I Think That's Why Mrs. Leland Has One Of Those New IPads, Making It So She Has The Record Button.


We got a new iPad but we can't get Hopscotch in it because my sisters will mess it up