No Popular Link Badge?



I checked The Aptitude Test topic, to see a long-awaited popular link badge. And I have seen that I had gotten 50 clicks. Alas! I happily awaited for the badge to appear in my notifications, but after a couple of hours, it hasnt shown up yet!

Aaahhn! I've earned this badge, so where is it?

@Liza @BuildASnowman @Kiwicute2016


Probably wait a few minutes for your badges to update. I had to wwait a while to get my Promoter badge even after I knew my friends were on the forum.


I've been checking for three hours... This is weird!


I have 50 clicks on my Gender Stereotype quiz... Idk


It's because the forum is on Universal Time. 8:05 PST is when you'll get it, probably. Or, it's because it has to be 50 different people that are logged into their account...


Refresh? Log off and back on?


PST PM. 20:05 for some people not using the A.M./P.M system.


I logged out and back in, and it didn't appear I'll check to see about it tomorrow, lets hope an admin can confirm :wink: :slightly_smiling:


It has to be 50 different peeps :wink:!


I'm pretty sure it was different people, I only clicked on it once...


I will click it if it helps :3


I clicked on it like three times and each time I clicked, it increased by one.


No badge yet, I'll hope for it soon :wink:




Edit:I got the badge, it just didn't show because I had 13+ notifications this morning!


This is different but I invited like 5 users cause I thought they would like it 1 min. Later looked and saw there was- a badge on it and didn't get it help