No one seems to care anymore



This may seem hypocritical on my part, but I need to create this topic in order for people to understand.

Dear fellow forumers,

It has come to my attention that many people have argued whether our beloved forum is falling apart or that only parts of it are crumbling. I believe both of these are true.

Yes, some parts of the forum are bustling with trolls just looking for somewhere to start an argument. But in reality, the forum really is crumbling at our feet and we haven't noticed.

Everyone tries to stay positive and act like everything is peaches and cream but really it's not. I don't mean to depress everyone or anything but no one has taken notice to this horrible epidemic that is leaking across our forum, blotching everything positive out like ink.

I've decided to start a HOP POP POSITIVITY SQUAD so that we can clear out that negativity ink and dab positivite glitter over the community. Please join and help the forum be beautiful again.

Sign Up Procedure:

A user must ask to be in the squad. I will decide who joins and who doesn't depending on how friendly, helpful, caring, and if they have ever been part of or started a flame war. Please do not get offended if you are not accepted.


  1. @HappyPerson (leader)
  2. @Kayro (deputy)
  3. @Sensei_Coder
  4. @Twizzler
  5. @Mr.rex
  6. @Elemental_Cat
  7. @ExquisiteSoup
  8. @Gobli09
  9. @KawaiiRose
  10. @FearlessPhoenix

0 spots left. However, exceptions might be made.

Happy Coding!



Great idea!
I'm considering joining, but could you just tell me exactly what we have to do to be in it? Like, will there be challenges? Will we have to code certain things?


Can I me deputy?
It sounds positively wonderful


Don't worry, the forum isn't falling apart. We just need to do our best and things will get better. This topic I made explains that-

The club for spreading positivity is a good idea :)


I agree with this, honestly. Last summer was full of positivity and fun on here, but now it's not. Let's try to get it back to where it then ;3

Can I join?


Hoi, frbpai!!!

It's an amazing topic

May I join????


Good idea! I'll join!


Could I make a topic similar to dis, cus I had one stored up in my brain, but I've forgotten in my brain.

It's ok if u say no



Great idea, fren! Can I join?


I am new here but I get what your trying to say. Can I join this wonderful group?


That's what I think!

It's a really great topic!

@HappyPerson is great at making up successful topics!!!!!


May I join? :slight_smile:


Reminds me of this game that is lying in my drafts half-finished..


May I join? :slight_smile: I'm already in @Elemental_Cat's club that is very similar to this.


Nah, not crime. I guess we're partners in club?


Can I please be a member?


im confused where is it crumbling at


I honestly don't see the crumbling. Sure, this place have changed a lot, but alteration isn't always negative. From the time when I joined to September 2016, we walked through a dramatic era. But it's all in the past now. Time to move on.

I would rather care about when will I move back to the city from this stupid town than a site I spend part of my leisure time on. And where are my pack of Maltesers?



Just a question, how does this work?


Hi! Can I join? I really want to spread more positivity around Hopscotch.