NO ONE CALL KayKay disgusting!


Even though kaykay wants us to call her disgusting, please dont call her that! She is awesome!! Please, be nice...


I'm gonna mute everyone who calls me Kaykay that isn't on the list


U r amazing!
Believe me


U shallll believe me.
That is mai mission...


Why do you want us to call you disgusting?


IDK! I dont know what has gotten into her!!


I wanna tell everyone in here what I think of them but I'll be flagged


Im sorry....
I think well of you and i would hate for u to think bad of me.


Maybe you could write in somewhere and then tear the paper to shreds and stomp all over it?

That's what I did when I realized we were finishing the most boring history video ever next class. ;)


We are just trying to help..
Im really sorry if im annoying u


Don't mute me pls... I WANNA BE UR FREN :grimacing: :grimacing: yay


Then call me disgusting dude




@system? A little help here?
Will u close dis


I can call you "Disgust"


If I call you disgusting will you be happy?



Thanks a lot u know forget the whole fact that u r calling me Jess when I want u to call me Jessica but how could u say something like that.....

U said thanks to Jess I'm gonna killmyself how could u say such a thing I did nothing wrong then ur putting that on me normally I would think she's just overreacting my sis always says that everyone does but I take these things seriously when it's someone who's self harmed before! Like you putting this on me!
I appreciate it I won't sleep now thanks I'm gonna b worrying about u allllll night whoever U believe me or not btw I take this rubbish seriously my mum when she was lil was ,ad with the corner shop guy coz he didn't giv her his money back so I her anger she said drop dead and u know what 3 days later he did! And she's had to liv with that ever since so don't put things like killing your self on others especially when u self harm it's selfish and could effect there life!


One more thing kaykay it's really cruel to do that to when I've done nothing wrong especially in your case when u either self harmed or tried to kill ur self before do not put tat all on me I'm 13 do u realise what someone like me could do to themselves after what u said! I can believe u would do that @KayKay




Your going to kill yourself? That's a pretty strong phrase that's meant to be taken seriously..