No notifications?


@Liza I think there's a bug! I have my notifications turned on, but I don't have any! I go into my activity and there isn't anything new! And I have remixes, I can tell I have gotten likes, but there hasn't been any notifications one day later! What's happening? And does anybody else have this problem or knows how to fix it???


Yeah, a few people have been reporting this. I think THT paused it/turned it off temporarily to fix bugs


Oh. Yah, that would make sense! Thanks! Now I'm not worried anymore! :slightly_smiling:


I agree. For now, the only notifications we will receive from Hopscotch is when a new video is out. 🤗🤗 We can wait until we get back the notifications, the Hopscotch Team is full of busy workers!


Yes, I agree! I was just nervous because this has never happened before!


We have this too :sob:


Oh great! Well not great that we don't have notifications but it's great that I know I'm not alone!


I was freaking out that the Hopscotch Team had like taken away my auto follow!:joy:


Lol! I was freaking out because I had worked so hard and published my very first drawing pad and there was no likes or remixes!


This is already a topic, just remember to search next time :wink:

Yes, my notifications is taken away on both my accounts (PopTart0219 and my colloquial account with JellyWaffle, PTJW). I wouldn't worry about it, it will probably be up in no time!


@PopTart0219, you beat me to it!:joy:


All of you guys are like: O.O :weary:

And I'm like: ._.

I guess it'll be up by...idk sometime next week :wink:


Lol! Yah! Hopefully! At least there is that thing where you can look at remixes of my projects!


OMG my notifications are back! All of the sudden hopscotch crashed then BAM they were back! Yay!!!


Lucky, they're still down for me! :yum:


They are still down for me on my normal account! It was just on my old one that they came back! Grrr:triumph::unamused:


I don't have that many new likes/remixes, so :stuck_out_tongue:


I GOT MY NOTIFICATIONS BACK!!!! Yay it's back it back!


Mine as well! Yay!!!


Me 3!