No Notifications Club- looking for members! (NeoPixel has increased the number of edits to 12- artsy has gone to 13. Wow this title is long good grammer to >:D) (16 wow I can't even see, literally no contacts right now)



Ever feeling like you have too few notifications?

Well, guess what! This is your lucky day! Welcome to the No Notifications Club, where I will post coding challenges and art challenges so you aren't bored! If you participate enough you may get to make your own challenges for the rest of the club! I'll start the challenges once I get five or more members. You must turn in your entry within a week. There will also be questions that will be based on people's opinions. Happy notificationless days!

Also, I don't think anyone has made a club like this, so sorry if there is a No Notifications Club...

@LavenderArts (Leader)
@Zachyswag (Basic):eight_pointed_black_star:
@NeoPixel (Basic):eight_pointed_black_star::pencil::bulb:
@kubajr (Basic):eight_pointed_black_star:
@DECODECO (Basic):eight_pointed_black_star::pencil::bulb:
@EmojisRUs (Basic):eight_pointed_black_star::bulb:
@Sensei_Coder (Basic):eight_pointed_black_star::pencil:
@KawaiiHotDog (Newbie):eight_pointed_black_star::pencil:


HS username:
Will you do the challenges?:
Do you want notifications:
Do you promise to respect everyone else?:

Rank info

When you join, you are a newbie. You can participate in challenges, but you can't be a winner. After completing one coding challenge, one art, and responding to a question, you are basic! You may reply to challenges and participate. You cannot create challenges. You can be eliminated after three non-participations. You cannot ask questions.

After participating in three challenges and three questions, you become a member. The badges are below​:point_down:You cannot create challenges. You cannot ask questions. You can be eliminated after seven non-participations.

After fifteen challenges and ten questions, you are a regular. You can't create challenges. You can ask questions, though, that everyone has to answer. You can be eliminated after eleven non-participations.

After 25 challenges and fifteen questions, you are a leader! You can now ask questions, create challenges. You must participate in other people's challenges, but do not have to do your own. You will be eliminated after 15 non-participations.

At thirty challenges and questions, you earn a title boss. You're on a roll! You are in charge if the admin has been away from the forum for a day or more. You are really in sync with this club, and you care about what happens.

Finally, I am the admin. I can tell you if you must leave the club because of disrespectful behavior. I can also discontinue challenges. No one else can be admin as of now.


Badge List for NNC
:eight_pointed_black_star:️(join club)
:pencil:Participate in an art challenge
:hammer:Participate in a code challenge
:bulb:Write a response to a question
:sparkle:️ have a Promotion
:microphone:Become a leader
🤝Help someone out
:art:Win an art challenge
:hammer_pick:Win a code challenge
:sparkler:Earn "Response of the day"
:ballot_box_with_check:️Participate in 50 challenges
:no_entry_sign:Report disrespectful behavior
:raised_hand:️Invite a user
:slight_smile:Compliment someone!
:thinking:Contribute an idea for a challenge
:scroll:Create your first challenge!


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Yay, first member!


Well, lucky you! I saw this and had to join it instantly!


Lol XD

I never have anything to do, so... ;-;


@LavenderArts here you go!


You are a basic now! @Artistic_cat




@LavenderArts am I member... or...

EDIT: nvm




@NeoPixel yeah. You're a member of the club!


First Challenge!

Draw your profile picture (or background) on HS or on paper.

tag list

@LavenderArts (Leader)
@Zachyswag (Basic):eight_pointed_black_star:
@NeoPixel (Basic):eight_pointed_black_star:
@kubajr (Basic)::eight_pointed_black_star:


Can I join? I'm on a school iPad, so I can't download games and stuff. Less notifications for me!


My hs name is CODE CODE!


(Bolth of my profile pics are already draw...)


I added myself into the omtl


You have to do it on the real topic here:


Ohhhhhhh okay! I'll do it!


Both of the ones you've had?

Hmmm... maybe try to draw your user card background or your regular one.


I used to have no notifications

I do get some daily now
Just a few but it still is so.