No need to come here


I nominate mystic maniac's circle art


There's a topic for that already


There's already a topic for this


Did VolcanicFuse change the title, or someone else did? If someone else changed it, no offense, it's a little unnecessary to change the title when the message was said twice.


No, it was said atleast 5 times.


Don't take things too literally!! :D

This is the nicest way I can say this! :D

So be thankful! :D

(heavy breathing)

I meant two people said that theres a topic for this AA-


Sorreh. I do that all the time. facepalms at self


sorry, I didn't know. But thanks anyway.


did you make this because you wanted to reply, but coukdnt because you were at max?
you joined less than a day ago so i see


Okay! :blush: