No more public accounts!


We ain't doing the public account thingy anymore. Sorry to dissapoint.


This is a cool idea! May I join? :3

I think this is a cool idea, but...

[but] do be warned, deleting posts after a particular person has read it doesn't mean others didn't read it :wink:
Also what if you're out of likes?


like the profile picture? i was the one who added it :3


I like this idea! :D

Maybe if you're out of likes, come up with a "code word" to use if you're out of like.

EX. @PotatoLuvsHopscotch: out of likes, so says the code word Zebras!

@Halloween: OK! You have the account now!


me pretty plsplspls

(i'm @happydolphin)


Someone is posting inappropiate stuff on the account. Can I join plz?


TOu wo outa Hans gurrllkk


Ok got it