No more hopscotch for floridians?! (Not forever)


The hurricanes coming for me sadly. But I have LTE on my phone so I'm in luck! >:|D Also a backup hotspot to save data! But no charging!!!! I'm prepared for that too! Backup charger!!! I'm so prepared for this storm! Come at me bro!!!



That means no more whatever stuff

IMMA download stories now


If anyone is OK with it...

If you've been hit by the hurricane, can you describe what it was like? If you're uncomfortable talking about it, that's fine! I just want to know what it's like. :)


That must have been creepy xD


Parents: Did you hear Matthew just hit?
Some random people they were talking to: Oh my gosh I heard it was horrible, this is like, the worst ever!
Parents: We've gotta pray for people who are getting affected by him.


You must have felt very insulted xD


It was hilarious and at the same time horrifying, I thought my parents had blamed me for doing something.


I thought it's kinda weird that they name hurricanes with people's names


I agree, because people with the names (like @LemonPop9) can be insulted.


Although made-up names could be sometimes hard to remember.


Use cellular data and don't use your iPad a lot


Grrr ga


Its fine!! Ipad doesnt work on just wifi.. There is a cellular netwok, and bluetooth in da car.


Why not numbers? They might be better...


My grandma and my family in Jacksonville are braving it out. I'm super worried, I have like seven cousins there and grandparents, uncles, and aunts. There's a chance it will go across Florida and I have family in Gainesville (as it like 10 cousins) and uncles and aunts in a remote farm. That means if a tree falls, they are trapped on their farm. My grandfather in South Carolina is not evacuating. He likes on a salt marsh... My dad is trying to convince him to come up here but... I don't know.

I'll tell you what happens, my grandma is coming up next week!


This is way too specific information...


Are you scared that Jacob will get hurt xD


It would be a terrible belated birthday


Your to obsessed xD


Did you finish editing some of the video yet