No more hopscotch for floridians?! (Not forever)


Florida hopscotchers anyone prepared for matthew? Lets not get into the violence, the worst part is no hopscotch. NO WIFI AND NO POWER?! How can we survive without no wifi, that means no hopscotch! I will stop using hopscotch as well maybe until monday or whenever the wifi and power is back.


Wait, what do you mean?


Hurricane matthew will take out power and wifi for a lot of citizens of daytona west palm beach palm beach gardens miami and tampa


While Hopscotch is AMAZING, I really don't think that Hopscotch should be your number one priority when Matthew hits you guys.


It's gonna be 140mph :frowning:

I don't live there but good luck y'all


Its am exxageration xD but seriously, this hurricane is powerful enough to rip a house of a foundation in just 10 minutes, partly the reason florida has shutters. I believe my house is my first priority. :wink:


And i wouldnt mention it because it because its not on topic.


Okie. I couldn't tell you were kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well if the hurricane is hitting you or is going to hit you, unless your sure your ready and prepared no offense but you should be helping yourself and preparing :D because when it hits any of you I can guaranty hopscotch won't be in your mind the entire time.

Though I love hopscotch protect yourself first, then your iPad xD
Because if you don't protect yourself, you won't be playing hopscotch on that iPad.

Good luck everyone!
I know your exaggerating btw


It may hit the state I am in as well :flushed:

But it won't be a strong



Lol my name is Matthew :slight_smile: I was so confused when my parents started talking about it!


A lot of my family, some of my friends, yea.

I hope there ok, I used to love there!
I hope no one gets hurt. But there's no stopping weather.


Hopefully nothing devastating happens
(though apparently it's at 140mph)


guys seriously. You shouldn't be on if you're on the east coast and it's gonna hit you really soon. y'all have families that you should be worried about, not your iPad. seriously, if you are putting your iPad before you, that's pathetic.


"hey I love this coding app sooooo much that even when a freaking hurricane is tearing down everything I own and love, I'm gonna use it, and tell everyone about it, and tell everyone to stay safe when my life is in danger!!!"


I live in MN, so the storm won't hit me, but to those in the path of the storm, STAY SAFE, Y'ALL! :0


We will get bad weather from the storm ;-;

Though it's it nearly as bad as getting hit, I'm pray for everyone's safety!


Same! :D

I have family in Jacksonville and South Carolina and they are right on the coast... They aren't evacuating in SC or FL but my grandpa- OMG OMG OMG

I just saw the news and it ain't looking good...


Minnie be careful


Oh yeah I've heard about that one