No Mans Sky Hopscotch Group



Hold your horses @PopTart0219 this is hopscotch related.

So a few off my friends were talking about a new video game were gonna buy called No Mans Sky and I thought I should make a group were we could play no mans sky together and code and stuff like that.


Just in case any of you were wondering no mans sky is a computer and ps4 Game were you explore space and discover planets and survive.








OMG THIS IS THE BEST TOPIC EVER IVE KNOWN ABOUT NO Mans sky for like 1 year it's so cool it comes out the day after my birthday IM GETTING IT!! I'm pre-ordering it with the Horizon Omega upgraded edition. Did you know there are 2 to the power of 64 planets in NMSky?


Can I plz be leader I have Steam and I know tons about NMSky.


Umm saying poptart0129 stop could of offending if I were her it would be mean!


I'll join! :D


It's not offending, she's a leader, and he's telling PT that it's on topic :stuck_out_tongue:


What's your Steam? I'll invite you! :D


Can I join? Already pre ordered.


Ooh! (raiseshand) I have an idea! We could code NMS... In Hopscotch!


Nash that would be imposiblle


You guys are all in I'm preordering it once my really good computer my dads making me for my birthday.


Lol there are like 15 quintillion planets


18 quintillion I am so frisking hype oh ma God


Each one takes like 4 days in real life to fully explore


Sometimes more it's gonna be so awesome


I wish you were able to find your friends easily though


I also wanna find the Steven Colbert


When it comes out I'm gonna try to code its title screen.


4 days! Man, I wanna see how the creators did that. I mean, how much code would be in one planet? And how much code in 18 quintillion?