No longer going to be admin/moderator


Hi everyone, I’m no longer going to be admin/moderator on the forum. I’ll still be interning for Hopscotch, just working on other projects during my time here. (E.g. I’ve been helping with the video scripts :blush:) I’m really sorry about all the trouble! :disappointed:

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It’s great that you’ll have a chance to work on your own projects though.
Good luck!


Wow, that’s awesome! Have fun, :)

Thanks for letting us know. :D

Is there anyone else who’ll be an active mod?


Okay – you will be missed as an admin, but I look forward to seeing the other projects that you will be working on in Hopscotch,and I hope that you have fun IRL! Good luck in all of your endeavors!


Why? Did you get kicked out or something?

How do we get groups or collab PMs or titles or Merging/closing/etc until someone else interns?


That’s a good question – who should we contact? Liza?


Maybe we just won’t get new ones now. That’s a possibility.


That is. I mean, we survived without them, by just making tag lists and copying them into each place that we wanted to tag. But that really would be a shame :frowning:


Aww ;-; I’ll miss having you as an admin


That’s sad.
I’ll miss you as a mod as you’ve made so much good for the forum…




Thanks for being a great mod, @t1_hopscotch, and for everything you did for the forum: like closing/opening topics, enabling/creating groups, PMs for sharing collab details, giving custom forum titles (thanks for the title, btw! :) ), creating #meta-hopscotch and recovering #help. Some of the things you did were some of the best things to happen to the forum during my time.

Also, sorry for the constant tags. I understand how that can get very annoying quickly.

Once again, thank you for everything you’ve done and I will be sad to see you step down.


I’m guessing she doesn’t have enough time to moderate the forum and do responsibilities like creating groups anymore.


You were a great forum leader. I hope you return someday!


Her trust level… Its the same as mine before I lost regular…


Oh, okay! That’s fine :DD

I’m glad you’re focusing on other stuff, I bet the video scripts and things will be great!


Oh, that’s okay, I guess we’ll just have to deal with no leaders.


That is really sad, thank you for your time being a moderator! But, good luck working on all your other projects, and I am excited to see your upcoming projects!


Awww, okay, thanks for telling us! Good luck with all of your future projects! :D

We’ll miss having you here as a moderator, you were really helpful and a great leader @t1_hopscotch :)


@t1_hopscotch thank you for being such a great mod!! I appreciate everything you’ve done- it’s a lot of work. I can’t wait to see more videos :smiley: