No longer for eagles


wait r u responding to me?

sorry i feel like you take this all a little too seriously

don’t want to start an argument


You can say that again.


look, i’m sorry, but you can’t stop teams from going to the super bowl.

um i’ve never ‘hated’ on the vikings.


Well is it wrong for me to express an opinion?

I know I can’t stop a team from going to the super bowl. Well I mean I could, I wuld just have to become a criminal and some how make sure only a few players can actually play. But I have no reason to do s
The 2nd quote there is mainly meant for Remixer and the others who would probably hurt the fans, players or officials of the Vikings…


whatever, okay? also the only reason i said me and bright light like the pats is cuz u said
cough cough remixer
he isn’t the only one who likes them


I know.

(canto bight music just started)


You guys just take a deep breath for a moment okie? It’s fine to disagree, but sometimes things get too heated up Not that it is that’s for you two to decide


Everyone is just judging my opinion and getting a little bit tense.
But I’m as cool as Anakin at the end of Revenge of the Sith.


yeah i’m trying not to get to into in

i’m done now


it’s okay
i’m done now


Should’ve been in the super bowl aw man


I like how people unnecessarily flag posts… again I could only imagine who it was…


Having a small flame war about football? At least I wasn’t in it. Good game Pats, but you’re human too :smirk:


Someone flagged a post saying congrats to the eagles why do people keep doing this :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


Please no flame war about football in my topic :grin: let’s stay happy!


I think it was because it was not related to Hopscotch. But still, I don’t get why


Guys, I think we should take these discussions to a GT!