No Hopscotchers are leaders?



I don't get how come some leaders got demoted. But are the people that were leaders sill mods???!!! Could someone plz tell me why.
Is Regular the highest granted for Hopscotchers?

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No, there are Leaders and Moderators, but it is only THT that is moderating.
Regular is the highest for us Hopscotchers.


I feel bad for the former Leaders/Mods but I don't mind that much

Downright Dreamers




It's me



@HopscotchNewsNetwork that's very inappropriate, please don't post that in the forums :0


Only THT are leaders, mods, and admins now. Our forum leaders and mods were demoted, and they are regular now. :)


Plz don't post that on the forum


Did someone reply then delete it? I saw a reply on my notifications then it was gone


Please don't repost that :0


He's been doing it on topics all day I reported him and THT deleted my topic explaining to them what he was doing! He's also been swearing at people and posting hitle.r videos


It's inappropriate @HopscotchNewsNetwork!:rage:



I saw it on my nonifications, then it was gone


@Liza can u stop this hopper they keep doing it



Er I don't know what to say xD

This is a kids forum please be appropriate.


We don't need to bring out our angry, but are disappointment


Delete that now, @HopscotchNewsNetwork. It's very inappropriate, even for Donald. :frowning:


It's ok he's been suspended he's been doing it all week also he posted hitle.r vids and other peeps that he shudnt


I think that's @StRiKe_Panzer.