No hopscotch for a while 😭


By reading the title you probably already know what I'm going to be talking about. So I'm not leaving hopscotch I can still go on the fourm just not the app.

The Story
As some of you might know I'm in Alabama right now and today we are leaving. So before we left I forgot (Well not really I'm lazy) to put my iPad in my bag and I forgot it. My grandmother has a car and can drive it but we are already 20 miles away and she now has to mail it to us. A couple years back my brother forgot his iPod touch at her house in Alabama and when she mail it he got it back a month later so hopscotch will be on a hold.

The effect
I won't be on hopscotch
I'll miss the contest :disappointed:
I'll be extremely depressed because really my hopscotch and my iPad is the only thing that makes me not go insane out of stress I don't really think I should be elaborating on this topic so I won't.

Just wanted to get it out there


Just look on the bright side, you can still go on the forum!
in the meantime we will miss you on Hopscotch!


Okay, I understand. I hope you have a good time on the forum though. Everybody makes mistakes