No Guessing F4LO Topics



Guys, please. I hate to close topics, but this is getting out of hand. Over the course of 2 weeks, I closed 5 "F4LO" topics already. I really don't want people to guess who I am, I will reveal only I want to. Please respect this, thank you.
Also, this topic is to inform. Please don't comment guesses.

Anonymous and his leaving

Yeah, apparently a lot of people seem to do this, but they should beware—you're a Leader, that's why.


Ok. We all must respect your wishes, so no more topics on that.


If you guys see a topic like this, please @ me.


Got it. You are very fortunate being a leader so you can close the topics right away!


Yep! Wouldn't it be ironic if someone tagged you to close a "Who Is F4LO" topic, then made one—and got closed?


I agree with you F4LO. Your identity is yours and you should do what you want to do with it.



I don't care what hopsoctcher you really are

I want it to be le secret


Ooh, I know! You are...

trying to close topics that are guessing who you are! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Funny. I know who you are…

You are



Like I said on my other topic :wink:



you are...

A hopscotcher :3


@tankt2016 @iReesesCup






I sense the force of the meme



I'm not guessing, but will it ever be revealed?


Anyway, this is true. NO MORE. I get that I was probably super annoying, and I see that. We shouldn't try to guess who F4LO is. It's annoying to F4LO.
P.S: did you make this topic because of me and my annoying questions?


It was because of everyone's "annoying questions". :wink: